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Continue to explore the plight of the refugees and asylum seekers of the world.  Homeless, swindled by transporters, facing a lack of acceptance due to a fear of the foreigner, human trafficking, and child slavery are just some of the challenges faced by the 35 million refugees around the globe.


Once the refugee is permitted into a new country, where the language is different, the food and clothing are different, customs are different, how does the newcomer assimilate into a new society?

Below are some resources for educators and parents to use in further exploring this ever-increasing worldwide crisis. 

NOTE: Some resources are age specific.


  • YouTube:  Kids, Refugees, Questions. (3 minutes 11 seconds)

  • YouTube:  Unfairy Tales:  UNICEF - The Story of Ivine and Pillow (2 minutes 35 seconds)


  • United National Refugee Agency (UNHCR): Various teaching materials for a variety of age groups.


  • CNN Video – “Teaching Children the Signs of Human Trafficking” (4 minutes 29 seconds)

  • Website – “Child Slavery – a look at slavery today”

  • Book – “A Grain of Hope” by Nicola Philip – About refugees in Australia

  • Website - For Children the Immigrant Experience Begins in School

  • YouTube - Integrate, Don’t Assimilate – (6 minutes)

  • YouTube - Culture: The Silent Struggle of Immigrated Americans – (12 minutes)

  • YouTube - Immigration and Assimilation – (3 minutes)

  • YouTube - What Being Hispanic and Latinx Means in the United States  - (12 minutes)

  • YouTube - The Role of Cultural Assimilation – (10.5 minutes)

  • YouTube - US Schools Used to Americanize Mexican Children’s Names, But Not Facundo – (2 minutes)

  • YouTube - Between Two Cultures – (8 minutes)

  • YouTube - What is Acculturation? - (4 mins)

  • YouTube - Schools tried to forcibly assimilate Indigenous kids. Can the U.S. make amends? (8.4 minutes)

  • Website - WELCOME CORPS -  a new service opportunity for Americans to welcome refugees seeking freedom and safety and, in turn, make a difference in their own communities.

AGES 6 to 9

AGES 10 to 12

  • YouTube – U.S. Department of Homeland Security

“Tools that Teach: What is Human Trafficking?” (4 minutes 21 seconds)

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